On my journey, I realize that some days are easier than others. Today proved to be a very trying day in the life of Michaela. Today, some would recognize as “Halloween”, as it is the 31st day of October. Today, is another day for me. When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had a lot on my mind.

Instead of taking the time to write everything down, which upon looking back, I realize may have helped expedite the process of healing and releasing, I chose to busy myself with general chores around the house. Essentially, I chose to ignore what I was feeling, and I didn’t want to devote the energy to sorting through everything that was on my mind.

The latter part of my day was spent attempting to relax and get into some new TV shows, once the kitchen was clean and their was a pumpkin roasting in the oven, but I felt distracted for a large part of the day. I wasn’t in the mood to go out and socialize, to put on a costume and a mask, or take part in any Halloween festivities: mentally, emotionally, or physically.

As I sat, attempting to focus on the show on the television in front of me, I realized that I was feeling restless due to inaction. I couldn’t deny it any longer. At that moment, I turned off the “new show” that I was half-watching, and I turned on some “background noise” show. I then took a moment to think about what I actually intended to accomplish today, because the day was not over, but I had failed to focus my intent up until that moment.

What did I want to do today to bring me joy. What do I like to do? Love in motion is happiness. I looked around the room that I was sitting in, the living room, and I suddenly felt the urge to get crafty.

I had a couple of bunches of dried lavender sitting on my coffee table that were gifted to me by a friend. As I picked up one of the bunches, I felt so inspired. A warm feeling washed over me, I suddenly had so much clarity. I tuned out all of the noise around me, and set to my task.

I decided to sort through my feelings internally, as I “played with” the dried lavender. All throughout the day, I was given opportunities to write things down, but I was not in the mood to do so.

I had the tools and I had the vision so I made several small bunches of dried lavender. I inhaled the aroma of the flower buds, and felt the texture of the stems, soft yet firm. I felt so much gratitude and appreciation for this moment.

I secured the bottoms of the bunches with some white twine, or cotton thread, or whatever this stuff is. I’ve had this ball of twine/string for almost a year now, and it cost about $3.99, so I was very excited that I already had it on hand. #winning

I was able to make 5 nice sized bundle of flowers, after measuring and making sure that they were all roughly the same length, and shaking them off a bit to get rid of excess flower buds. They turned out lovely!

I hung three bundles up in my living room, above these two armchairs and little coffee table setup that I have. On this small table I keep some Beeswax candles, incense holders, and some essential oils.

I hung one bundle up in this little hallway nook area that I have next to my bathroom door. This little stand holds my towels, sheets, and other linen items. I think the bundle of flowers complement the space well.

The last bundle, I decided to hang in my bathroom. I hung it above the light switch, I felt that it was the perfect place for it. My bathroom is not quite finished yet, and I am constantly adding things and taking things away, but that’s alright.

All in all, this fun little project sparked a change within me. I chose to start a few other fun, “joyful” tasks after I finished hanging the flower bundles, as opposed to mind-numbing rudimentary activities. I am very happy that I eventually chose action, over inaction today. Here’s to learning something new everyday, whether it be about yourself, a person, place, thing, or the world. Here’s to making the choice to be happy. Do something.

-Michaela ♥