About Me

Welcome to Moments with Michaela, my intentional lifestyle blog. I’m so happy you stopped by, like seriously – Hello! I started this blog 6 years ago (in 2016 – sheesh!) when it was actually going by another name and before I made a major lifestyle change.

In 2017 I changed the name of this blog, I changed jobs, and I changed my diet, but I kept blogging nonetheless. I’ve changed jobs (a lot) since then, lol. I’ve recently decided to shift my focus here, as well as refresh the look and feel of things, and thus we have the blog that you see here today – Moments with Michaela.

A little about me. I grew up in Florida, and moved around a lot growing up. I’ve lived in 14 different cities and 6 states so far! I developed a love of traveling, meeting new people, and good food throughout the course of my life, and this fostered so many other things within me as well. I’ve called the South ‘home’ for a little over 10 years now, though I still travel whenever I have the opportunity to do so. You can follow my travels here on the blog as well!

What do I blog about?

I write about the things that I’ve been up to on my health and wellness journey, how I’m feeling on the day-to-day, and my tried and true holistic self-care tips. I enjoy sharing about how I’m healing myself from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD – just to touch on a few of the things I’ve gone through. Note: I didn’t do it alone!

I also blog about the things that I create in the kitchen, like breakfast, lunch, snacks, and cost effective dinner ideas over on my food blog Cooking 4 Cost, you can read it here. I am obsessed with desserts and sweets in general, so you can also find recipes for classic desserts on this blog as well. Occasionally I’ll share my thoughts and opinions on products that I’ve purchased on Amazon or Ebay, as well as my favorite household and kitchen products.

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?

You will most likely find me reading a Sci-Fi novel, online window shopping, out enjoying nature, taking long luxurious candlelit baths, flying to a new destination, trying new coffee shops and restaurants, or watching Netflix on a Friday night. I love spending time with those that I know and love, and doing things like baking cookies and cinnamon rolls, catching up on the phone, or enjoying tea in the afternoon.

Want to reach me offline? Connect with me here or send me a DM on Instagram.

– Michaela S. ♥